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A microscopically eye implant could lead to the removal of reading glasses

A group of American researchers have developed a tiny implant that helps eliminate the need to wear glasses for reading.

The implant called "Raindrop" is placed through a surgical intervention, behind the cornea. Thus, some vision problems that can occur with aging are addressed.

One of the conditions that can occur in old age is sightedness, which reduces the eye's ability to focus on things that are close in the visual field, the main reason for which people wear reading glasses. The painless application of the "Raindrop" implant on the cornea could be used in future to treat this condition.

The technique was developed in the United States and soon began to be used in Britain. Until now, laser surgery was the only treatment with lasting effects, but the new discovery could become the most commonly used alternative. It is a 10-minute intervention, completely painless.