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A new efficient workout programme

The new meta-workout helps you feel the burn while sculpting your body.

If you can take a harsh workout this is the right one for you. The MetCon(short for metabolic conditioning) is functioning on the “sweat it until you drop” principle. It may seem harsh, but experts say that putting the body under these hard conditions speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn fat.

The exercise was inspired by training methods used by athletes and includes a range of circuits ranging from three and five minutes in length. Your purpose is to complete as many circuits as you can in a given time.

This kind of working out as well as diets that boost your metabolism are the actual trends. Some of the stars, including Reese Witherspoon and Rihanna have already chosen this lifestyle.

The best thing to do is to start with a Meta-diet and one example is Dr Hayley Pomroy’s The Fast Metabolism Diet claiming that if you use specific food you can trick your metabolism into working faster.

The next step is the meta- workout.

For this type of exercise you have to focus on intense bursts of exercise forcing the body to work out and enter a state that engages the so called Glycolytic pathway. “This makes the body take glycogen from the stores in the liver and converts it into energy for the muscles,” James Osborn, a fitness and nutrition expert explained.

Even if the system was popular amongst men, now more and more women choose this exercise method in order to have a strong, lean athletic look. Even if the meta-workout is quite hard the results are rewarding.