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Beauty Problems Brought by Spring

The spring is here and the cold weather is almost gone, but our skin and hair are still suffering from the last season and there are some solutions for those problems.

Our face is the most affected by the weather changes and a pale, dry skin can be an issue in this period. But you can fix this problem with a moisturizing cream, applied daily, or an exfoliating one. You can also use a special device that removes the dead cells, stimulating the blood circulation and giving the face a natural glow. You can also give an extra shade of color with a few drops of bronzer in your daily cream.

We are dealing with dark circles around our eyes during the whole year, but in the cold seasons when we are drinking less water, don’t exercise so much and sleep less, the circles become more visible. Other reasons why we wake up with swollen and darken eyes are salty foods, smoking, coffee, sweets and alcohol. To diminish the effect you can use freshly cut potatoes slices or cold water patches.

The wind and sudden changes in the temperature are the causes of dry lips in the transition period between seasons. If you try to peel the skin pellicle off your lips, you can damage them. Instead try a mix of honey and sugar applied to your lips.

It’s not enough to hydrate your face but the entire body, in order to avoid dry skin or even rashes caused by the high level of dryness. The main reasons are thick clothes, exposure to extreme temperature, insufficient hydration and using inadequate skin products. Before taking a shower, try a luffa sponge massage, and afterwards use it in the shower to remove the dead skin cells. Then you can use baby oil or body butter.  

If you follow a few efficient tips you can have a healthy skin even in this season.