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Best Fitness Apps

Smartphones are the new trend and a growing number of users see their phone as a fitness and health helper.

You can use your phone to track your workout info, compare your power output to others, find running routes every day or just find the answer to problems regarding how to improve your fitness and workout schedule.

There are plenty of applications and options in order to help you keep track of your evolution. Start with the Get Running (Couch to 5k) app. Created for beginner runners, the option provides a nine-week training plan and the main goal is that at the end of the program to be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping. You can also interact with other rookies on the Get Running forum.

Turn your iPhone into a real time training tool with the Garmin Fit app. Start by finding the perfect soundtrack for your workout and then track your speed, distance traveled, the route you are on and the number of calories burned. In the end, you have the possibility to store your data and analyze it. 

Complete the workout and eat healthy as well. The MyPlate Livestrong Calorie Tracker helps you determine the caloric, fat and protein intake with 1.3 million food and restaurant products in its database.

The estimation is made according to your personal size and weight and you can lose weight and keep a daily journal as well as setting goals.

Choosing a route can be a problem and MapMyRide/MapMyRun gives you a hand in finding a pre-mapped running and biking route from a database of millions. It also tracks your activity and then you can share it on Facebook and Twitter or analyze it.

There are new apps coming up every day and you have the possibility to choose various to help you create the perfect workout program.