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Body myths debunked

Rules on how to get a great body are sometimes confusing and there are some myths that need to be debunked.

No pain no gain – Working out shouldn’t be a burden. "Listen to your body and know the difference between a good challenge and working through pain. It's pretty difficult to get motivated to do exercise when it hurts; on top of that if you put your body through stress you'll cause the stress hormone, cortisol, to flood into your system.” says Rosy Clark of Frame Queen's Park.

Fat makes you fat – That is not true because quality fats are fundamental for your health and if you want a better body and a better diet. It’s the sugar that makes you fat.

You have to do cardio to lose weight – "It's true that cardio (any exercise that gets your heart rate up) is great for your health, and will burn fat. But to maximize weight-loss you have to have a combination of flexibility, strength and cardio training. That's your ultimate weight loss workout," explains Dalton Wong, celebrity trainer.

Carbs are the enemy – Carbs are in fact important for our cognitive function, mood and overall wellbeing. A diet low on carbs can affect our sleep and mental clarity in a negative way. "Just follow the golden rule," adds Wong, "If you want to lose weight try to restrict carbs.”

Protein is good, so more must be better- Fundamental for your health is to get your RDA of proteins but not in an excessive amount. In a balanced diet we should consume a quantity that doesn’t exceed our requirements.

Running releases stress –but not for everyone. "Running too much for too long (over 30 minutes) has in fact been shown to increase levels of cortisol, due to the amount of stress it places on the body," explains Wong.

I can eat as many 'clean' foods as I want – even if a food is ‘good’ or ‘clean’ remember that too much of anything can make you gain weight.