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Hello Kitty doll sent into space by the Japanese

Japan has launched a new campaign to promote the image of high-tech industry and to stimulate the economic growth of the country.

During this campaign, a Hello Kitty doll was sent into the orbit of the Earth. The famous white cat with red bow produced by Sanrio, was chosen for this mission, supported by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The toy has a height of 4 centimetres and was placed on the board of Hodoyoshi- 3 satellite, near the window, where it can "look" over to the Earth. The satellite is part of a program of 40 million dollars, funded by the Ministry of Education and Sciences and it has the size of a garbage can.

The purpose of this action is to convince several private companies to collaborate with manufacturers of satellites. Sanrio was elected as the first private partner in this program because the doll has many fans worldwide and the partnership may influence them to be interested in space projects.

Also, 2014 is a year of celebration for Hello Kitty as the doll celebrates 40 years of existence. It is the most popular character from Sanrio, triggering a worldwide craze and even it even became a symbol of Japanese culture, "Kawaii", a term that means "cute".

Fans were able to send messages of maximum 180 characters, which Hello Kitty was to send them to friends and family of the shippers.