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How we can work on our happiness

International studies show that there are some things that we can do in order to make ourselves happier.

 The World Happiness Database in Rotterdam gathered studies from all over the world to show that we can decide the course of our happiness.

The first study mentioned by Professor Ruut Veenhoven, Director of the Database and Emeritus professor of social conditions for human happiness at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam was his own one and during his research he found a negative aspect regarding the number of times that people spontaneously mentioned “goals” and happiness. He said that even though it is thought that having goals makes your life happier he noticed that unhappy people are more aware of their goals, because they are looking for ways to changing their life.

Other studies showed that there is no link between seeing meaning in life and being happy. Happiness grows when you lead an active life. "In order to have a happy life, a rewarding life, you need to be active. So involvement is more important to happiness than meaning in the sense of the why, why we are here.” the professor added.

Research also showed that we can make ourselves happier in time and not through external achievements. Our happiness changes over time that’s why elderly people who are wiser are also happier.

General conclusions of all the studies were that you can be happier if you are in a long-term relationship, if you are actively engaged in politics or work, if you go out and if you have close friendships. Also, drinking in moderation is better for your happiness than not drinking at all; men’s happiness is increased more if considered good looking; when you have kids you happiness level lowers and increases when they leave home.