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Ice Bar by Ice Hotel

Frozen bars made entirely from ice have been popping up all over the world and this simple concept with everything made of ice, from walls, chairs, the bar and even the glassware, has become extremely popular.

In London we find this type of bar on Heddon Street, a hidden pedestrianised haven off of London’s famous Regent Street, in the former wine vaults of the British monarchy, and is the UK's only permanent bar made of ice and kept at -5°C all year.

The bar, lounge & restaurant is a perfect place to escape the crowded streets of London and enjoy some fine food from a wide selection of modern European dishes with some international wines or delicious cocktails. Even big names, such as Robert De Niro, Jade Jagger, Leah Woods, Craig David, go here.

You  can ‘experience the extreme’ in an environment where everything is made from crystal clear Torne River ice which is harvested from the pristine winter wonderland of Jukkasjärvi in Northern Sweden. In order to keep warm during your time here, you will be given a designer thermal cape and some gloves. After that, visitors are invited to spend forty five exclusively frosty minutes in the surroundings.

Once a year, in the autumn, a team of artists and designers create a new theme for the bar, different from the one before, using only chisels and chainsaws. The actual theme is ‘Galactic Frontiers’, designed by Åke Larsson and Ben Rousseau to provide a unique display of ice, inspiring visitors to share the dream of exploring their own Galactic Frontiers.