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London Nightlife

The nightlife in London is second to none London has a vibrant club scene puts the city on the map as the capital of cool. Superclubs like Ministry of Sound, Fabric and Heaven are among the biggest and best known places to party. For those who prefer a more intimate experience the DJ bars are where it’s at. With our club listings you can find out what’s on in London, the best places to go, and where to hang out if you want to party from dusk till dawn. Below we have highlighted some of the fine nightlife activities available to help you plan an exciting night on the town in our capital city, London.

Where’s The Fun?

So you ask, where’s it at? There are a bunch of breath-taking areas for nightlife around London, the main areas are:

  1. Central London
  2. Camden Town
  3. Soho
  4. Shoreditch/Old Street

Yep, that’s where the action is. There’s a lot of fun everywhere but these are the places to go.

Central London

Who would’ve guessed that Central London is busy at night? Of course I’m being sarcastic;) Central London is probably the busiest place in England, night or day.

The main draw in Central London at night are the exclusive clubs. Where the smartly dressed, good looking, rich, West End crowd head to. A few clubs by name:

  1. Chinawhite – World famous, voted best new club in London twice.
  2. Merah – A pretty decent crowd, arranges a lot of nights with music artists recently.
  3. Mahiki – Manages to pull a few clubbers away from the West End.
  4. Funky Buddha – Similar to Mahiki but they tend to play more RnB music.

Camden Town

Got a rocky, edgy feel to it. If you like alternative and getting drunk in to oblivion then Camden’s your place. It’s pubs are bars rock the most. It’s got a couple of alternative clubs in KOKO and Proud.

KOKO is a large club, has the room to hold live performances, and does so on a regular basis.

Proud is set in an old horse stables, home to quite a trendy crowd.


Soho mixes dirty cool, with dirty, and with cool. Soho already had a reputation for being debaucherous, and then the Box nightclub opened. It’s a cross between a burlesque show, strip club, freak show… and exclusive club. It charges a ton for table bookings and attracts celebrities like an awards ceremony, or it has since it opened at least.

For the dirty there’s a whole bunch of strip clubs (not knocking it, just saying), including the world famous Stringfellows.

For the cool it’s best to root around the back streets. Pre-party the Toucan can be fun if you enjoy Guinness (it’s a Guinness only bar), on second thoughts it may not be the best place to go before clubbing — those Irish beauties are pretty heavy on the stomach.

Shoreditch/Old Street

Trend central. Grab yourself a fashion magazine and try and over do as many trends as you can. Saying that it can be cool and fun. The crowds are younger, the music is off mainstream, and often it’s a case of hearing it there first. The down side to the clubs and bars is that there’s no guestlist so get there early or don’t get in, queues queues and more queues.

Club life starts around 10pm. Before that bars and pubs are busy. And……it depends on the day. During the week often people go out right from work.

What time does it all start?

The night then can start as early as 5pm-ish. It really livens up around 10pm though. The lights go on an the party people come out.