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Oblivion - the planet is in Tom Cruise's hands

The most preposterous movie the actor made in a while presents Jack Harper and the mankind trying to leave an Earth destroyed by a nuclear conflict.

The movie began its life as a graphic novel created by the director Joseph Kosinski, previously acclaimed for his first film after the highly worked computer game fantasia TRON: Legacy. He decided to shot the movie in very high-res digital, and not 3D, on huge sets (including a ruined version of the New York Public Library, just like The Day After Tomorrow), in amazing landscapes like volcanic craters and black sands in Iceland.

The action is set in 2077, sixty years after an alien invasion that destroyed the world in a nuclear conflict. Now, all that mankind is left to do is to gather all the power from the ocean and leave for one of Jupiter’s moons. Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) has had his memory erased but still has dreams from his previous life.  He saves the life of an older love Julia and they both remain on earth to protect the installations against hostile alien “scavengers”, along with the navigator Vika not very pleased by the presence of the other woman.

The movie has it all:  ultimate vehicles - Jack is mostly moving around in “the Bubbleship”, a cross between a jet fighter and a Bell helicopter that lands on three spidery legs and can also rocket into space when required alongside with a futuristic Moto Bike, hi-tech weapons - a brilliant hi-tech side arm in a holster, plus, strapped over his back, a special designer rifle and lovely ladies in love with him.

Jack has to save the planet and the human race in a mission impossible, again.