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Sharon Stone is no longer interested in fashion

Sharon Stone admires 'art' of fashion

The actress is losing her passion for designer clothes as she ages.

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, who will turn 55 on Sunday, says she is no longer interested in fashion and is amazed that she can still fit into designer clothes.

More than two decades after shooting to global fame with 'Basic Instinct', the former glamour model has claimed she is keener on simple dressing.

The former model admits she rarely gets excited over fancy threads these days, preferring to stick to a simple style.

Sharon Stone admits she's not passionate about fashion but admires "the art" of designer clothing.

The Basic Instinct star still enjoys receiving glamorous designer gowns to wear at red carpet events. Sharon joked it's a miracle she fits into some of the creations.

"It's not a big passion. I could survive without it. I like the architecture of fashion, I would say. And I like the art of fashion," Sharon explained to British newspaper The Sunday Times. "But, really, I'm more of an Issey Miyake girl. All I need is a black turtleneck and a pair of black leather pants. "Whenever I used to go back to Pennsylvania [Sharon's home town], they'd all say, 'Hey, why do you always look like Johnny Cash?'

The mother-of-three also insisted she has now ditched the gruelling beauty regime of her younger years - when she would often starve herself before a new role.

Sharon will turn 55 on March 10. She has vowed to continue dressing up well into her seventies should the opportunities continue.

"I'd be happy to do it when I'm in my seventies. Look at Carmen [Dell'Orefice, the 81-year-old New York model]. I think she is so refreshing, such a great example to women," Sharon finished.