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The mobile application through which children can no longer ignore parents was launched

Sharon Standifird from Texas, mother of two, worked on an application that makes children call their parents and is available for phones that run on Android operating system.

The application is called Ignore No More and allows parents to block their children’s Smartphones when they do not answer the phone. To use the phone again, kids are forced to call their parents back to find the password.

"When the Ignore No More application stops his phone, your child has only two options - he or she can call back or call the emergency number".

"Now you're part of their attention. Ignore No More is an easy to install application that gives you control over your kids’ mobile phone."

To make their kids call back as soon as possible, parents can set a password that can unlock the phone and all its applications.

At this point, the application is available only in English and only for phones that run on Android operating system.