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Treasure days in London

London Treasure Hunt is a unique event that gives you the opportunity to escape the crowded city and enter a new world, a world of adventures and new experience with your family, friends or colleagues. In London there are 10 different routes to choose from.

Revealing another city aside from the one you already know, it comes with a classic Treasure Hunts pack for individuals and small groups, a Corporate Hunt pack with personalized company logos, ideal for team-building expedition, or a family Treasure Hunts pack for a day out with the kids.

The most interesting routes are considered to be St Paul’s & City Treasure Hunt, Chelsea Treasure Hunt, Covent Garden and Hampstead.

Once you enter those secret places full of memories and shadows you must make sense of the first clue in order to move on towards your exciting journey. You can go on a treasure hunt at any time, and you can choose from easier to harder rounds, including 3 bonus ones.  Each route is a game where you can experience new places and adventures.

St Paul’s & City Treasure Hunt starts and ends at St Paul’s Cathedral. This ancient city is situated between the banks and boulevards of the City of London, at the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the area. You must find your way in and out of old buildings, old alleyways, small gardens, former monasteries and passages. One of the main points of the expeditions is the Wardrobe Place, the place where there used to be the King’s Wardrobe, destroyed by the Great Fire in 1666.

Chelsea Treasure Hunt route is different from the first one. Here the journey starts at Sloane Square Tube and ends at King’s Road/ Old Church Street. Amazing architecture, royalty and celebrities homes, small shops, King’s Road posing, this route has it all. History, culture and the greatest streets in town are ready to be explored.

The Covent Garden hunt renders through some of the most colourful and attractive parts of the Covent Garden district.  There are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants for pit-stops on the way. Plus you and your team will have the opportunity to watch street performers, magicians and musicians who add to the atmosphere of Covent Garden itself. 

You don’t have to know everything about London or London’s history to start this expedition as everything is already provided in the pack that is handed to you at the beginning. All you have to do is find your ideal pack and REDISCOVER your city.

Have fun, exploring new places and new adventures.