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What does the latest UN report say regarding the ozone layer?

According to the latest report released by UN, the ozone layer is recovering, but the global warming still remains an emergency.

The measures taken on an international level and actions taken to protect the ozone layer should lead to its recovery by 2050 report emphasizes, however, the issue of global warming needs to be solved urgently.

"The reconstruction in a few decades of the ozone layer that protects Earth is on track, thanks to concerted international action, taken against ozone-depleting substances," the report prepared by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) showed.

The report was conducted by 300 scientists from 36 countries and it mentions the major role played by the Montreal Protocol in this situation. Without it, "atmospheric concentrations of ozone-depleting substances would have increase several times by 2050."

A meeting with the heads of states will take place on September 23, meeting placed under the aegis of the United Nations in order to mobilize all energies in favor of the climate.