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Why should Apple's competitors fear the new iPhone?

Analysts say the phone makers, including Samsung should be afraid of new iPhone 6.

Samsung is currently the largest manufacturer of mobile phones worldwide and has had many years of glory for new phones and technologies presented over time. The company introduced the idea of ​​phablet on the market, a combination between a phone and a tablet.

Now the iPhone 6 might prove to be one of the biggest revelations of the smartphone industry, a project being worked on for months. The new phone will be a serious competitor on the market.

After the Samsung launched the Galaxy Note in 2010 - the first smartphone with a 5.5 inch diagonal, bigger than any smartphone on the market at that moment, all manufacturers have started producing handsets with larger screens. Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO until 2011, decided to stay on a phone that does not have more than 4 inches, but that ambition was "broken" by market trends. Thus, Apple unveiled to the world a phone with a diagonal exceeding 5 inches, with the latest features and technologies.

Smartphones with bigger diagonal are the most popular, those over 4.5 inch representing one third of the total market.